How did I forget to share these photos?!?! A few weeks back when we had launched BBK we had a party at my house (Kyra). One thing I have loved since day one about our team is how well everyone gets along and how it truly feels like family. We had a face painter, jump house, & SUCH GOOD FOOD! I even got cupcakes made that had the BBK logo on it and they turned out amazing, the cupcake creates made them overnight the day before and I was shocked, I couldn't make that good of cupcakes in a week let alone over night. I think we need to start having these weekly :D


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We have officially launched! We put up our sign on the door and made 200+ orders in just the first day which is so surreal. Thank you all for making that possible and we can't wait to share more of this journey and more products with you! What else would you like to see (patterns, items, etc.)?
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Welcome to BEHIND BBK!

Happy Launch Day! We can't even believe the day is finally here. We have been preparing to make this day perfect FOR WEEKS and now to see it all come to life is so surreal. Here are some fun photos of getting things ready and trying out one of our designs for the first time (Macaroon). 
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